Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Story: Choco and Kring-kring

Not so long ago, in the year of the Lord, a love story (maybe one you haven't heard yet) blossomed between two destined hearts in the most unexpected circumstances.

He came from the "Land of Promise". He was born and raised in the city hailed as "Fruit Basket of the Philippines. He studied Accounting but for some reason landed himself in the IT world. His employment to one of the biggest IT Company made the way for this Davaoeno to move to Manila.

She came from the "Queen City". She took up one of the difficult courses - BS Applied Physics which should have paved her way to the academe or the research laboratory yet IT opportunity knocked on her door. She accepted the job offer from Accenture which made the way for this Cebuana to move to Manila.

There in the capital city of the Pearl of the Orient Seas, they started building their individual careers and YES they worked for the same IT company but NO they did not meet there (you might have thought they did).

She is a devoted Christian and amidst the busy career life she found a way to nourish her spiritual life through the CFC-SFC Christian Life Program on September 2008. He on the other hand though not so devoted, he is a believer and through the encouragement of his housemates/friends, he joined the CFC-SFC Christian Life Program. Amazingly, through Christ they met!
What they have was not love at first sight or at second sight. They started out as brother and sister in Christ then as good friends but not that close at first. They were in the same circle of Accenture-SF-Bisaya friends. She is shy but devoted in her service. He has his own world but is full of wisdom. They both strengthen their spiritual faith through service in the CFC community.

In the middle of 2009, a call to a greater service knocks at their both doors. They were to serve in the planned mall evangelization event. He was to lead one of the major working committees and she was to assist him. Nesty, one of the organizers of the event had his say on how the two flawlessly work together and how they complement each other.  He said "these two will be a couple eventually" after knowing that they weren't actually. The way he said that was like a prophecy pertaining to the two who were getting closer to each other by then.

Then on September 26, 2009 a calamity hit the Metro, the mall evangelization event was canceled and people were at low seeing the aftermath of Ondoy. Few days after the typhoon and the big floods, many people were sick due to Leptospirosis. He got infected and was admitted to the hospital because of the sickness. During the time he was diagnosed, she was in hometown and miles away from him yet she showed how much she cared. She sent text brigade for prayers for the recovery of her close friend and the moment she came back to Manila she immediately went to the hospital where he was confined.

This is the time that he realized how great a woman she is. He got well and was back to normal but not the beats of his heart because by then he realized he loves her. He started courting her. She was not transparent of what she feels about him. She was a certified NBSB and inexperienced in terms of romantic relationships. Months passed and he continues to pursue her. She prayed and prayed everyday asking God if he is the man for her.

She prayed and he prayed. And God gave them the answer. On the night of the 11th of January 2010, she revealed her love for him too and they became official couple but this isn't the happily ever after yet.

Like every other relationships, theirs was tested too the moment she had to go back to her homeland for good as she promised her family. Long distance relationship would really get tough eventually and they are not an exemption. They manage at first through the modern communication technology and regular visit to each other. Distance makes their hearts grow wander and some doubts.

She almost gave up. He was devastated. But their faith to God keeps them stronger; they learned to pray more together at the difficult time in their relationship. She never stops praying and he too got closer to God by reading His very words. He never gave up. Their families and friends helped them pray. And by God's grace they overcome and become even stronger and surer of each other and love each other more.

This is the start of the love story of Choco and Kring-kring. Made in the Philippines. Triggered by Ondoy. Founded by God. This is destiny. This is meant-to-be.

As they celebrated their 22nd monthsary on 11-11-11, he, with the big bouquet of flowers and a ring, asked her to be his wife and; she, with tears in her eyes, said YES. Very soon they will become Mr. and Mrs. Relacion.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Sun

Wonder why you make me glee
everytime you'll come out I see
rising in the east
or settling in the west

you're such a beauty to glance
never that i let go of a chance
you mesmerize me the way you shine
or the way you spread your every ray line

You give me hope. give me light
give me reason to continue to fight
Oh I can't wait to see you again
and witness what bright tomorrow brings


This poem was written at dawn. Inspired by that someone sitting beside me while watching everyone swimming. This is a metaphor of the state of our relationship. It's in a new beginning, a hopeful journey shared by the two of us with irreplaceable roles in each other's life. This is a SHARED ADVENTURE.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

In This City

A hunger for a breathe of fresh air
and a longing to feel the touch of nature;
there is something the winds are telling me,
thought I heard them say:

"You needed some time with yourself and away;
away from this noisy, stressful and busy city."

Asked God for peace of heart, mind and soul;
He gave me the opportunity to be peaceful;
Asked Him for a day that is stress-free,
He gave me the chance to meet serenity.

"Maybe I just needed sometime with myself and away;
Away from the pains, issues and chaos of this city."

We all are living our lives. Aren't we?
Make ourselves masters at what we do best
sometimes not minding our impact on the rest.

Thought I needed myself some time and away,
Away from this stressful, noisy and busy city;
But all I actually needed is again to be ready,
facing some painful truth and the inevitable reality.

Cause this is life, the life I've been living

~by: ROseHYAcinth