Sunday, September 5, 2010

In This City

A hunger for a breathe of fresh air
and a longing to feel the touch of nature;
there is something the winds are telling me,
thought I heard them say:

"You needed some time with yourself and away;
away from this noisy, stressful and busy city."

Asked God for peace of heart, mind and soul;
He gave me the opportunity to be peaceful;
Asked Him for a day that is stress-free,
He gave me the chance to meet serenity.

"Maybe I just needed sometime with myself and away;
Away from the pains, issues and chaos of this city."

We all are living our lives. Aren't we?
Make ourselves masters at what we do best
sometimes not minding our impact on the rest.

Thought I needed myself some time and away,
Away from this stressful, noisy and busy city;
But all I actually needed is again to be ready,
facing some painful truth and the inevitable reality.

Cause this is life, the life I've been living

~by: ROseHYAcinth

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