Friday, August 27, 2010

Strike 1!!!

"Her Helplessness"

by: ROseHYAcinth

So here I go again,
jotting notes from my brain.
Eagerly taking  my time,
hoping to see some rhyme;

Oh common! just bear with me,
I'm just as helpless as you see.
Figuring this thing, they call poetry,
wonderin' if it would come so easy;

Words, they are becoming elusive,
impeding my being creative.
But that would not hinder me,
Conquering this mystifying world of artistry.

Hopeless, hopeful, relentless me,
none can stop me in this wordplay;
May it be, from A to Z or Z to A
or until eight approaches infinity.

Poet's insight: I was actually amazed on how I successfully inspired myself to create this one. It was a fast one for my rusty poetic mind yet I think I made it. Weeew.. I am so full of hope right now. Hope to stay on track, hope to uncover more of me and hope to be better day by day. Oh well, let's see.



  1. freestyle ha! clap2... ^^

    wonder lang..."xoxo" hehe!
    why wala ka nag writer?
    Physicist but SE?

    Its a God's will!

  2. hahah..bitaw noh, ngano la kaha ko ga writer? maybe because, tapulan ko :P harhar